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This Web site is based around the Heritage and of the offspring of Charles and Elizabeth (Kraemer) Bernick.

We hope that this will become a place where the Chas. A.. & Elizabeth Bernick family members from all over the world can come visit, watch it's growth and contribute more Bernick Family information.

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Charles A. Bernick

Elizabeth Bernick

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Chas. & Elizabeth Bernick Children (More Photos Coming Soon!)

Charles and Elizabeth Bernick's Eight Children

Anna Bernick Carola Bernick Clyo Bernick Constance Francis Hazel Margauritte Mary Magdalene
Anna Carola Cleopatra Constance Francis Hazel Margauritte Mary

Other Photo Highlights

Bernick Family 1934
Taken in front of their home in St. Cloud, Minneosota, USA

The Unsor Scloss
Charles and Elizabeth's cabin on Mile Lacs Lake, Minnesota, USA

Charles and Elizabeth
Individual photos taken around the mid 1930's St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA

More photos coming soon!

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